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Hiram Chirino

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My Fuse co-workers have been busy beavering away on a new project at Apache called Camel K.   It’s a fantastic new project which brings together two amazing technologies: Kubernetes and Camel.  Lets face it, even when your building new applications using all the new goodness that Kubernetes brings to the table, your going to need to interact with existing systems, some of which could be harder to access than others.  Thats where Camel tends to shine.  Giving you a consistent abstraction to accessing and integrating to those other systems.

Nicola had previously posted an introduction into the Camel K is, but now he’s showing us that Camel K can also automatically detect and take advantage of Knative if it’s installed on your cluster.  Knative is a new Kubernetes project that enable serverless workloads to run efficiently on the cluster.  Please take the time to watch his demo video.  It shows you how with a few Camel DSL lines of code you can integrate different systems in highly decoupled event based KNative application.

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